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Things to do

I have as many memories as there are smiles of customers

May your trip with your loved ones be memorable

A quiet and relaxing trip away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Here are some recommended ways to spend your time Oirase Mori no Hotel.

Enjoy Towada and Oirase to your heart's content

The Oirase Stream, which shows various beauty depending on the season, such as fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and snowy scenery, and the stars that fill the sky at night are just right. "Extraordinary"
"Oirase Mori no Hotel" gives shape to your desire to "please that person".
  • 【With Your Loved Ones】How to spend at Mori no Hotel

    We will propose the recommended way of spending from arrival to departure so that each customer can spend a fulfilling day.
  • 【Various beauty for each season】Information around Mori no Hotel

    "Oirase Mori no Hotel" is located near the Oirase Stream, which is designated as a national special place of scenic beauty and a natural monument.
    Why don't you go play in the magnificent nature?
    The distance traveled by car and the required time are listed for each destination.
    Please enjoy the four seasons of Oirase to your heart's content.
    • Distance traveled by car:6.5km / time required:15 minutes

      Ivy Nanuma

      Seven swamps created by the volcanic explosion of Mt. Akakura, one of the southern Hakkoda volcanic groups.
      There is a promenade with a primeval beech forest that connects six swamps.
      You can also enjoy bird watching.
    • Distance traveled by car:2.3km / time required:10 minutes

      Hakkoda Panorama Park Golf Course

      Park golf is a simple sport that you can easily enjoy with one club and one ball.
      A golf course that can be enjoyed by the family.
    • Distance traveled by car:1.1km / time required:2 minutes

      Oirase Keiryu Onsen Ski Resort

      Everyone can enjoy it according to the level, such as a family slope with almost gentle slopes and a course with mixed speeds.
    • Distance traveled by car:2.3km / time required:6 minutes

      Oirase Stream Museum

    • Distance traveled by car:2.3km / time required:6 minutes

      Oirase Yusui Kan

      A facility where you can tour the manufacturing factory and enjoy the deliciousness of the current Oirase Stream water.

      Opening Hours:9:00 to 16:30
      Open 365 days:Free admission
    • Distance traveled by car:7km / time required:15 minutes

      Lake Towada Plateau Golf Club

      A total of 27 holes with a magnificent view of the Hakkoda Mountains.
      After playing, you can relax in the natural hot springs of the clubhouse.
    • Distance traveled by car:2.3km / time required:5 minutes

      Horyo Ginkgo Tree

      The fourth largest tree in Japan, which is said to have been planted during the Heian period.
      The tree is about 1,000 years old.
      Since the aerial roots that hang down from the thick trunk resemble breasts, mothers who do not produce breast milk used to call them "milk receiving trees".
    • Distance traveled by car:14km / time required:20 min

      Road Station "Oirase"Oirase Roman Park

      There is a "Shikisaikan" where local vegetables and special products are lined up in a vast area, and a beer hall where you can taste local beer.
    • Distance traveled by car:25km / time required:35 minutes

      Towada Art Center

      The works of 21 artists who are active in Japan and around the world are on display.
      The works are not only in the exhibition room but also in the courtyard and rooftop.

      Opening Hours:9:00 to 17:00((exhibition room)/ /Closed on Mondays
      Admission fee:500 JPY((Free for high school students and younger)
    • Distance traveled by car:6.6km / time required:15 minutes((Ishigedo)

      Oirase Stream

      Oirase Stream Gorge is a famous place where you can enjoy the beauty of various valleys depending on the season.
      You can enjoy walking at your own pace, such as by taking a bus or renting a bicycle.
    • Distance traveled by car:15km / time required:30 minutes((Child's mouth)

      Lake Towada

      Lake Towada is a double caldera lake, which is 401m above sea level, has a circumference of about 46.2m, and is the third largest lake in Japan with 326.8m at the deepest point.
      Famous for its lake tour boat and "Otome no Zo".
      In winter, the Lake Towada Winter Story will be held and winter fireworks will be launched.
    • Distance traveled by car:25km / time required:50 minutes

      Statue of a maiden

      A pair of bronze nudes by Kotaro Takamura, a poet and sculptor.
      Beside, there is a stone monument engraved with the poem "Give to the naked statue on the shores of Lake Towada," which describes the feelings for this statue.